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Pneumatic distributors - PED 2014/68/UE

Pneumatic dispenser for fluid - painted metal.
Pneumatic working. Tank with level indicator.

With hose 6 mt., gun with flex end.
Safety valve set at 8 bar.
These products are filled with the liquid about 3/4 of their ability and loaded of compressed air to max 8 bars, therefore they work automatically without any continuous connection to the net of the compressed air.

Please check the compatibility of the detergent with the components of the sprayer. Always obtain the safety file of the detergents used.
Print corrosion list

Do not use
Model DST25 DST50
Material Painted steel Painted steel
Working Pneumatic Pneumatic
Capacity 24 lt 50 lt
Maximum liquid capacity 19 lt 38 lt
Diameter anti-drip valve 17 mm 17 mm
Output tube lenght 6 m 6 m
Max pressure 8 bar 8 bar
Weight 13 kg 21 kg
art. DST25G - DST50G
Like model DST25- DST50 but with DIGITAL METER which allows for checking of the quantity of distributed oil
This product falls under certain Community directives, so it is CE marked and has the "EC declaration of conformity" in the instruction manual accompanying the appliance. We make available for consultation Directives concerning this product :
  • PED 2014/68/UE
  • washing sprayer foamer lanzoni